TSIM INTERNACIONAL offers Loading and Unloading manuevers of industrial products into or from Rail Road Cars (Gondolas, BoxCars, Flat Cars, Centerbeams, etc), and Truck Tractors (Flat Bed, Dry Van, and Carry-All), and Outdoor/Indoor Storage; with Heavy Industrial Equipment such as Forklifts with Loading capacities from 8,000 to 52,000 pounds.


The company also possesses Hydraulic Cranes which have a capacity of load of up to 90 tons, for maneuvering into or from Gondola Railroad Cars, Flat Bed Trailers, or Outdoor Warehouses.


The Maneuvers are performed by skilled employees who possess years of experience working with industrial products.



TSIM INTERNACIONALhas the required experience for Transloading a wide range of products from Rail Road Cars to Truck Tractors.

Products such as:

• Hot and Cold Rolled Steel Coils

• Aluminium Coils and Ingots

• Sheet and Plate
   • Steel Slabs
   • Wire Coils
   • Rebar

• Structural Steel

• Steel Pipe

• Steel and Metal Ingots and Billets

• Paper Rolls

• Pulp

• Wood

• Metal and Wood Electric Posts

• High Voltaje Towers

• And much more...

In the case a Special Handling Equipment is required, TSIM INTERNACIONAL is open to acquire or develop it.